Finding The Light

What's the secret to AMAZING photography? Any photographer will tell you there are numerous elements to amazing photography. But there is one element that can make or break a photograph: light. 

Photography, at it's core, is capturing a light onto a camera sensor. Prior to the digital age, it was capturing light onto film. 

Understanding light and how to use it to create mood and composition is the key to becoming an amazing photographer. The lack of light can cause quality issues in a photograph, but if understood it can be used to create dramatic portraits that evoke emotion. 

Ambient light is not always available, and even if it is it isn't always quality light. In these situations, as a photographer, we need to understand how to use tools to create the light we want. Strobes, speed lights, modifiers, and the like can help a photographer bring their vision to life. It's essential to understand what these tools do and how to use them, especially in wedding photography. 

I am currently on a journey to become AMAZING at off camera flash. I already have a pretty good understanding of it and how to use it. But I intent to become the one of the best. 

I won't stop learning until I do. And even then....I will innovate. 

Thanks to my wonderful husband for being my photography model. Even if you did get eaten by mosquitos for this shot ;)