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Photo Credit: Jabari Cain/Cain's Camera

Photo Credit: Jabari Cain/Cain's Camera

Our Story

Hi, I'm Suzanne! Together with my husband Nathaniel, we are Oak and Gold Studios. 

About Suzanne
Photography has always been an important part of my life. One of my earliest memories is a field trip I took in kindergarten where I had a little cheap camera that I used to take a photo of a pelican. I remember feeling happy I would always remember that moment because I took a picture of it, and while that photo has long been lost the memory remains. To this day I still get that happy feeling when I capture moments with my camera. 

I absolutely love everything about my job and this industry. Over the years I have gone from working with black and white film and spending many hours in a darkroom to working on my Mac computer in programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop. While the process has changed, the end result is the same: beautiful images that will last lifetimes. 

In addition to specializing in wedding photography and fine art portraits, I also mentor beginner photographers and work closely with others in the industry. 

Photography is my creative outlet. Photography is my true passion. Photography is what I love. 

A few random things about me:

I'm from Los Angeles, California. I spent the first 25 years of my life there and while I currently reside in Atlanta, I will always be a Cali girl by heart. 
I have been married to the love of my life Nathaniel since 2006 and we have a beautiful little girl who was born in 2011. 
My favorite foods are sushi and thai food. 
I have a Bachelors degree in Interactive Media Design.
I love nature. 
I also love big cities. 
I love to help others. 

About Nathaniel
At a young age I was fascinated with photos of storms and lightning. I used to take my parents camera while we were on vacation and try to photograph lightning whenever there was a storm. When I finally captured one, I was hooked. I loved taking pictures.

In high school I took photography and graphic design for two years which only made me enjoy taking photos even more. And when your wife is a professional photographer, you kind of have no choice. At first I was just the tag-a-long who carried all the stuff, but one wedding Suzanne handed me her second camera and said here go take some photos. The rest is history.

My favorite thing about wedding photography is catching those candid reception shots. To me it is when everyone lets loose and is naturally in their element which makes for some great moments. Or funny ones if you don’t how you look when you’re dancing.

For all the grooms out there remember this phrase “Happy wife, Happy life.”

A few random things about me:

I’m from Conyers, GA. I moved away when I joined the Navy and now in my fourteenth year I find myself back home.
My favorite food is Pizza.
I am working on a Bachelors degree in Operations Management.
I am an athlete and enjoy playing any sport.